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How to Learn Arabic Fast for Beginners with Easy

how learn arabic
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How to Learn Arabic Fast for Beginners with Easy. Arabic is the official language used in 26 countries, especially in the Middle East. Currently, there are 300 million Arabic speakers around the world. This figure shows that there are lots of people who use Arabic.
Learning Arabic is relatively easy if done with the correct method. The proper learning method will make it easier for you, especially for a beginner learning Arabic.
One of them is by choosing the best place to learn Arabic. Through this bisarabic website, we will guide you to learn Arabic from essential to advanced levels in a fast and easy method for beginners.

How to learn Arabic for beginners

Here are some steps you can take to learn Arabic fast as a beginner.

1. Start by learning the Arabic alphabet

Learning Arabic letters is the first step to be taken in learning Arabic. Arabic letters consist of 28 letters, viz.

ا ب ت ث ج ح خ د ذ ر ز س ش ص ض ط ظ ع غ ف ق ك ل م ن ها و ى
Regarding structure and writing, Arabic letters differ from other languages, especially in writing from right to left.
You need to pay attention to learning the Arabic alphabet because it will help you understand the basics of Arabic and make it easier for you to read Arabic texts.

2. Know common vocabulary in Arabic

Vocabulary is a collection of words used in a language. Arabic has a primary and common vocabulary that you need to know, for example, Marhaba (hello), shobahul khoir (good morning), ma'assalamah (goodbye) and others.
Focusing on basic vocabulary and phrases in Arabic will help you understand simple sentences and use them in everyday life.
Vocabulary is an important part that can help you understand and know Arabic. This vocabulary is essential in learning a new language, especially Arabic.

3. Study Arabic grammar

Arabic grammar is the rule for using Arabic in sentences. Arabic grammar includes nouns, verbs, and others. Nouns in Arabic such as Kitab (book), madrasah (school), etc.
In addition, Arabic verbs consist of past verbs (fi'il madhi), present verbs (fi'il mudhari), command verbs (fi'il amr) etc.
Grammar affects the words in an Arabic sentence. Understanding Arabic grammar will help you write correct Arabic sentences.

4. Practice listening and speaking Arabic

Listening practice is focusing on what other people are saying and understanding the intent and meaning of what others are saying.
After understanding the intent and meaning of what other people say, try to speak by replying or giving answers to that person. These activities will train you to hear and answer Arabic well.
Do this in front of other people. If you need help, you can use audio or Arabic learning videos because they will help you learn to listen and pronounce Arabic words and phrases correctly.
Not only that, you will get real experience in learning Arabic, and it will also help you know how to use Arabic grammar. This practice will make your Arabic learning faster.
Here is a website that can help you learn to hear and speak Arabic


It is a language learning platform with various exercises such as reading, writing, listening and speaking Arabic.


Interactive online language learning website with Arabic listening and speaking.


Language learning platforms use audio and flashcards to help learn common or basic vocabulary and phrases in Arabic.

Rosetta Stone

It is an Arabic learning platform that provides listening and speaking practice based on daily activities.


A platform that connects students with Arabic tutors helps how to learn to hear and answer Arabic effectively.
Those websites can help you learn to hear and speak Arabic.

5. Read Arabic texts

Reading simple Arabic texts will add to your vocabulary and promote better understanding and writing of your Arabic grammar. You can read Arabic texts through books and dictionaries to look for words you need help understanding.
You can also learn to read Arabic texts online through media websites such as Aljazeera. Then you can use an online dictionary such as almaany to help you find out the meaning and meaning of a word.
Practicing reading Arabic texts regularly will make it easier for you to learn Arabic fast.

6. Learn about Arab history and culture

Studying Arabic history and culture can help you understand the context of what you hear and read. This learning will broaden your experience in learning Arabic and give you a deep understanding of the countries of the Middle East.
The following are suggestions that can help you to know Arabic history and culture.

  1. Read books or articles on Arabic history and culture. It will give you a deeper understanding and picture of Arab history and culture, especially the daily life of Arab people.
  2. Participate in workshops or classes to learn Arabic history and culture. This activity will allow you to learn from experts or culturalists who understand Arabic directly.
  3. Visit a museum or historical place. See directly artefacts or objects that are part of Arab history and culture.

7. Learn directly about the Arabic region

Visiting countries in the Middle East that speak Arabic will give you experience in learning Arabic and experiencing the culture firsthand.
 This learning will help you get to know the daily life of Arab society more quickly. That way, it will be easier to learn Arabic because you will interact with Arabs directly.
Interacting with Arabic people will make it faster for you to learn to speak Arabic. You can learn the intonation of Arabic words and phrases well.
Those are tips that you can try to learn Arabic for beginners. You can practice this method to help you learn Arabic quickly and easily.
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