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Arabic 7 Days Name in English

The names of the days are Arabic

Arabic 7 Days Name in English

Each language has a term to name the days. In English, we are familiar with the names of days, such as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We call those 7 days one week.
One of the things to know in Arabic is to know the names of the days. Knowing the terms of Arabic days is the first thing you must learn in Arabic. For those who want to learn Arabic, you can find out tips for learning Arabic further at bisarabic.
Day names in Arabic are the primary and most common vocabulary you need to learn because you will often use these terms in Arabic conversation. Here's a list of Arabic day names in English.
The names of the days are Arabic
  1. Sunday: الأَحَدُ read it "Ahad".
  2. Monday: الإثْنَيْنِ "Itsnain".
  3. Tuesday: الثُّلَاثَاءُ "Tsulatsa".
  4. Wednesday: الأَرْبِعَاءُ "Arba'a".
  5. Thursday: الخَمِيْسُ "Khomiis".
  6. Friday: الجُمُعَةُ "Jumuah".
  7. Saturday: السَّبْتُ "Sabt".
list arabic days name

The day's name in Arabic is taken from 1–6. In Arabic, the first day is Sunday according to the Arabic language, namely أحد, which means one. At the same time, Saturday is the last or seventh day according to the Arabic language, which is سبعة, which means seven.
In addition, to name the Arabic day name you can use the word يَوْمُ, which means day. For example below:
  1. يَوْمُ الأَحَدِ (Yaumul Ahad) = sunday.
  2. يَوْمُ الإِثْنَيْنِ (Yaumul Itsnain) = monday.
  3. يَوْمُ الثُّلَاثَاءِ (Yaumul Tsulatsa) = Tuesday.
  4. يَوْمُ الأَرْبِعَاءِ (Yaumul Arba'a) = Wednesday.
  5. يَوْمُ الخَمِيْسِ (Yaumul Khomiis) = Thursday.
  6. يَوْمُ الجُمُعَةِ (Yaumul Jumuah) = Friday.
  7. يَوْمُ السَّبْتِ (Yaumul Sabt) = Saturday.
Then how do you write the name of the Arabic day in English in a correct sentence? 

Here's an example of writing Arabic day names correctly

When are school holidays? Sundays.
متى يَوْمُ الْعُطْلَةِ المدرسية؟ يَوْمُ الأَحَدِ 
(Mata yaumul utlah al-madrasah? Yaumul ahad).

I went to school on Monday.
أنا أذهب إلى المدرسة في يوم الاثنين 
(Ana adzhabu ila' madrasah fi yaumul itsnain).
Today is Tuesday
اليوم هو اليوم الثلاثاء
(Al-yaum huwa yaumul tsulatsa).
Tomorrow is Wednesday
غدا هو اليوم الاربعاء
(Ghodan huwa yaumul arba'a). 

Saturday is the last day of the week. 
السبت هو اليوم الأخير في الأسبوع
(As-sabt huwa yaumul akhir fi usbu')
Memorizing the names of Arabic days will increase your knowledge of Arabic vocabulary. This memorization will help you learn another Arabic vocabulary you can use in everyday life.

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